Channeling Precious Natural Resources Into Opportunities for a Better Community


Since 1991, the Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger (MSAH) has been working to create linkages between donors, wild game processors, and charities that feed needy individuals. MSAH is an all-volunteer organization and is led by sportsmen and women concerned about making a positive difference in the community. Together, we have assembled a network of processors and charities across Michigan to help channel wild game donations into the hands of those in need.

Michigan leads the nation in hunting license sales. It also led the nation in the increase of working poor families with children from 1975 to 1995. Thanks to generous hunters, farmers, processors, and volunteers the Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger helped facilitate over 50,000 lbs. of wild game donations (primarily venison) in 2000. Many of the individuals who benefit from this program have never been blessed with the opportunity to watch a deer slip through the woods or pull a perch from an auger hole.

Thanks to our participating processors, in the 2012 hunting season MSAH helped facilitate the processing of over 30,000 pounds of venison into nutritious meals for needy families all across Michigan. That equated to over 150,000 hot meals for the hungry in our communities.

Thank you for visiting MSAH, your support of this program is a vital contribution to our mission of "Channeling Precious Resources Into Opportunities for a better Community".


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