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David Wernette - WINNER of the 2020 MSAH Grand Prize Hunt on Ted Nugent's Sunrize Acres!

By Louis Krick

David Wernette was the winner of the Michigan Sportsmen Against Hungers 2020-2021 Grand Prize of a hunt at Ted Nugent's Sunrize Acres in Hanover, MI.  David resides in Ann Arbor so his travel time was short to Sunrize.  He got lucky and was put into a shack to hunt with his crossbow, on Friday Oct. 8, because it started pouring rain later in the day.  He said he saw huge racked deer, hogs and rams while sitting there in the morning.  A nice ram came by and he took the shot and scored a hit. On Saturday he and the other 20 or so hunters got to: take pictures with Ted with their harvests, listen to Ted play Fred Bear on his guitar, listen to Ted talk about the politics of the world, get autographs signed and eat lunch with Ted and the other hunters around the campfire.  David was very happy with his trophy and is going to have a mount made to keep as memories of the day.  He said he has never had ram meat before but said if it was like lamb then he would like it.

David Wernette with Ram.jpg
Ted Nugent_David Wernette with Ram.jpg
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